Dong Cheng Team
Xi'an Qixin Optoelectronic Technology co
Monolithic Photonic Integrated Chip
All-optical Integrated System Chip
Photonic gyroscope
"Thousand Person Plan" One Person
Shi Yuan Team
Xi'an full wave laser chip technology Co., Ltd.
Laser chip
Innovative laser
Optical fiber functional device
"Thousand Person Plan" Selected person
GuoWen Yang Team
Xi'an Li core Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
High end semiconductor laser chip
"Thousand Person Plan" Selected person
Shaanxi Province "Hundred Person Plan" Selected person
JianHong Mao Team
Shanghai Li Hengguang electronic technology limited company
CMOS product development
High resolution LCOS chip
Solomon large screen LCD driver chip
Himax mobile phone LCD driver chip
Himax micro projection display LCOS chip, etc.
    Shaanxi Institute of optoelectronic integrated circuit led technology,which is a creative agency,as well as it is China's first optoelectronic integrated circuits for the development direction,which include national strategies think tank planning in this area,industrialization of advanced technology,the introduction of high-end innovative,entrepreneurial,talented person as well as entrepreneurial investment.Which was set up by the Institute optics of Xi'an of CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences),aimed at building domestic strategic think-tank optoelectronic integrated circuits, widly collecting the resources of technologyfully mobilizing and utilizing the current advanced technology and industrial resources of optoelectronic integrated circuits of Shaanxi Province,introducing a group of high-end international person, hatching a group of technical companies to participate in international competition.